Sunday, May 26, 2013

Okay so this is from the day I started my 365 day project (take a photo(s) everyday for a year).  I was with three of my friends. One who is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and is just absolutely stunning (model).  The second being Miss Bryley Jae who we love and love to screw with incessantly (blonde). Last but not least, JeLynn who you see screwing with Bryley in many of these photos (bright pink shirt girl).  While we were on this trail shooting a sweet little pup found us and took to us immediately.  He was starved and bony and he kept eating the flour that we were throwing around and it was so heart breaking (yes, I took him home with me and he played with my dog Kevin and ate a good meal).  

So many people expect me to be completely serious all throughout my shoots, which as you can see is definitely not the case.  We get into trouble sometimes and we goof off but we still get good shots and we create even more memories.  Being 15 I am too young to take myself so seriously as a photographer and needless to say it is much more fun this way! :)

                                                               Now for the results :)

Dress: Nastygal // Boots: Aldo

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