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Thursday, July 4, 2013

This was my first out of three days spent with the one and only ROSIE HARDY!  Shooting with her, staying with her, and of course editing with her!  She is such a doll and I feel like I walked away from the experience with a new friend that I really care for!  She's so kind and a joy to spend time with.  Her enthusiasm about photography and life in general just puts a smile on your face and is one of those people who can cause you to be in the best mood of your life!! :D  These are my three final images from the first day of shooting with her!  I'll post day two and three soon (as quick as I'm done editing them they will be up)  This has been the most amazing experience for me, I can't even stop smiling!  Hope you enjoy these shots. 

Model: Jessie Molloy
Dress: H&M

Okay so these are just two odd photos for a bit of behind the scenes but that is all I took that day!  So enjoy :)

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