Let's Just Waste Time

Sunday, June 16, 2013

 //// Now for Behind the Scnes ////
Shoot and Scoot ;)
Wardrobe Malfunction
Had to call in Dad for help. 
So it was raining at home so we were going to leave and find a new location.  Well we ended up having to drive two hours south and we ended up out of the rain and in Arkansas!  We would see a location, pull over, I would place and position my model (Kelsi) and I would take 2-3 pictures and we would leave.  Different than usual but effective.  At one of our locations, it was just across the street from someone's home and he ended up standing in the window and watching us shoot.  We drove past some great locations I can't wait to go back to but it was still raining where they were.  It is always fun to travel and just stop wherever.  It is so unique and it challenges you to plan within 30 seconds and execute it, then pack up and go.  No do-overs, no going back.  It puts pressure on you but without pressure it is hard to grow as a photographer.  I'm not very good at writing so I'm out of here.  Bye.  Thanks for reading!

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