Rose Red Ink Blue

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Love and Roses Die Together
This was my last photoshoot of 2013.  It was such an amazing year for me with my photography.  I grew so much and met so many amazing people along the way.  I worked on a 365 day project and got to 192 before ending it.  It got the point where I would dread taking a photo each day and editing it and I didn't want to do it because I had to, but because it's something I love and I realized that finishing the project but hating photography by the end of it was not worth it by any means.  I spent 3 days of workshops shooting with the one and only Rosie Hardy and it was one of the best times of my life.  I shot my first sporting events in 2013 as well and I realized I have a passion for that as well. Baseball is fun and I will continue to shoot that but I really did fall in love with shooting football.  I remember how all week I was just ready for the Friday night lights to come on and all my stress could be relieved.  I remember the first shoot of 2013 (final image here) and I really thought I had step up my game (which I did) but it's crazy to me how much difference a year can make.  I took a lot of risks with my photography with trying new styles and some made me realize how I wanted to do things and others made me realize that I'll never try that again.  All I can ask of 2014 is another year of learning and improving just like this past year.  Can't wait to see where it takes me!
Rose Red Ink Blue
model: Kiley DuVall

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