This is How I Show My Love

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Models: Kiley DuVall & Danielle Long
Studded Snapback: Vicious Malicious // Chain Snapback: Charlotte Russe // Chains: Romwe // Button Up Shirt: Romwe // Hot Pants: Pac Sun // Leggings: Romwe // Studded All Jewelry: Romwe

Two of my very best friends spent the first day of summer with me.  Naturally, we had a photo shoot!  We had such a fun day.  We went to sonic, got all ready, took a bunch of photos, played at a park in the rain, went to dinner, and got some ice cream.  It made me so excited for summer and I'm so happy I am free of school work for 2 and a half months! woohoo! :)  I'll add more to this point as I finish up more photos so check back in a couple of days and see what's new.  I'm in Kansas City right now shopping (of course) and I plan on blogging some of my new looks when I get home.  I'm so happy to not have to worry about school and be able to shoot and make blog posts all the time now.  You'll hear more from me soon. xoxo

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