Print Giveaway

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hi babies!  I am so happy with where I am at right now in my photography that I would like to do a print giveaway!  I would like to celebrate all the opportunities you all have given me by simply supporting and encouraging me throughout my process of learning. :)
The good news is that 2 of you will win 7 prints of mine for free but if you are wanting a print and you don't win you can go here to buy prints, phone cases, pillows, mugs, etc. (if there is a specific photo you would like that isn't up you can email me at about it)

Here are the prizes:

  • 2 8x8 inch prints
  • 1 8x10 inch print
  • 1 5x7 inch print
  • 3 4x6 inch prints
  • Personal letter
How to enter: 

  • Subscribe by email to my blog (on the right hand column on my page towards the top under the tabs)
  • Then comment your email that you used to subscribe with so I can contact you if you are one the two winners.
  • I'll ask which prints you want from each category I have set up and then get your shipping info (I will ship worldwide) and off they go!
  • Picking winners March 7th.
  • Good luck! :)

8x8 Print Choices

Smoke Out
Clouded Mind
Rose Red, Ink Blue
Delicate in Every Way 
Why do we say things we can't take back?

8x10 Print Choices

Love Lost
Do We Truly Believe?
Life is Grand
Into the Unknown

5x7 Print Choices

But a Dream
Bridal Bliss
Life is Grand 
Never Miss a Chance to Dance

4x6 Print Choices

Allyssa Dalynn
Broken Wings
Silver Wisp
Life is Grand
In the Bliss of Summer

Delicate Wings