Blissful Innocence

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Glasses: Ray-Ban \\ Necklace: Gift from my Dad (sorry) \\ Cardigan: BillaBong \\ Dress: Forever 21 \\ Shoes: GoJane

I was shooting right of the side of the main street in the town that I live in at a very busy intersection and I got so many stares.  I can't imagine how conceited I looked running back and forth between my camera and the scene.  So I've decided to just make a sign and prop it up against my tripod that says "I'm a fashion blogger.  To stare some more go to my blog" ;D

It definitely wasn't that I was embarrassed by any means cause I looked hot! ;)  I've always been very confident with taking photos in very public places because I am proud of my work and have nothing to hide.  To get a good shot I'll go anywhere with whoever is willing (not that many people are willing but still.) 

I have a partly free weekend with only one booking for several hours on Saturday for a baseball tournament.  This will be the first time in MONTHS I haven't had a portrait session on Friday and Saturday, let alone all weekend!  So if you would like to have a sitting Friday you are more than welcome to contact me through my email to get a time.



  1. Your photos are so incredible. I can't help but look through them all. Very talented work. I love this shoot/blog. Oh and adorable outfit ♡

    1. Thank you so much Makenna! I really appreciate it, doll! Those words mean a lot to me and they put such a big smile on my face! :)