I Only Remember All That's Good

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Model: Bryley Jae
Dress: ROMWE
Necklace: Vintage/Similar: ROMWE

As a girl, is it possible to live without makeup & cute accessories?
Just fetch these hotties at their cheapest time :P  Click here!
Only 72 hours!!

I wanted to share my before and after shots with you guys!  I worked really hard editing these.  Making each photograph have different colors and tones was really inspiring and I can't wait to find fields and more bushes to change the colors on.  I posted a video on Instagram of the before and after and a bit of a commentary from myself and Bryley, and it made the popular page! :)  So big thanks to my followers on there! The reason I edited these so differently is that each photograph looks like a different fairytale (to me it does anyway) and I wanted to add something unique to each portrait. I really hope you enjoy these photos!


  1. Wow! Beautiful model and clothes. Thanks for the links to Romwe! Sweet.