I Wanna Cry Until I Laugh and Laugh Until I Cry

Monday, August 5, 2013

 Model: Kelsi McCracken

have you ever noticed SEAL is SEA LION without the ION? like whaaaat. um i just want to say i have about 4 minutes to finish writing before jessica rips this lap top from my hands because she has no heart so i'll make this snappy. anyways, jess i love you! you are such an amazing photographer it seriously blows my mind. you make me look pretty all the time and allow me to model for you and its just so fun. we have such a great time and eventually we get some really great photos. you are just so sweet and i love you so much. i couldn't ask for a better friend. you are always there when i need to talk, and you always listen. even when my problems seem totally ridiculous you still pay attention and act like you care. i hope you know that i'll always be here for you, whenever you need to talk, or just when you need a friend. okay I'm pretty sure no one else but you cares to read all that but i guess thats why someone invented the phrase yolo am i right?