Live Free

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Model: Sydney Willey

Kimono: Topshop // Tank Top: Buckle // Shorts: Charlotte Russe

It took us about 5 hours to make ourselves go outside and take photos.  In the mean time, we ate and played with my lovely dog and barked at the kids who came into my backyard?  JUDGE US, I DARE YOU.
We took my pretty sick whip (my golf cart) to an abandoned baseball field.  We screwed around so much and I'm so glad nobody was around.  It really was great fun and pretty embarrassing getting to the location because I had the wardrobe hanging on my golf cart on hangers on the roof and unfortunately there were a lot of people who saw us and of course they were my neighbors and class mates from school. 
I'll add some photos I took of us being, well, us! I hope it makes you smile because we are stupid and that should give people joy. :')
WARNING:  There are more bloopers than actual final photos. Once again, judge us.

Over splits without stretching?! WOW

Forgot about the wind...


  1. ahhhh Jessica who would judge you your perfect! Love your photos and your blog. Your amazing! :) you have to be one of my favorite instagramers! ❤ xx It's Julia from Instagram :) @floralsunflower! :)

    1. Hahah, thanks so much Julia :) That was so sweet. I'm going to spam you on IG as a little thank you! xoxo.